Technical Service Center at Bruno Bock

Application Technology Laboratory

BRUNO BOCK in Marschacht, Germany, invested 2010 into a Technical Service Center where we develop new applications for our specialties.

With our THIOCURE® standard or development products various applications can be realised. The close cooperation of the Application Technology Department with the Product and Process Development Department allows to investigate requests of our customers for specific application properties.

The main areas for application tests are Coatings, Adhesives and Sealants as well as Optical Polymers.

Our Development and Application Team is prepared to assist you developing innovative solutions, especially for new high end applications. Please contact our team and request our support. Our experts may visit you at your site for customer service but you are also welcome to visit us to collaborate in our laboratory here in Marschacht to work on the requested solution.

In our modern and well equipped laboratory we investigate our THIOCURE® Polythiols in various applications but we also are prepared to investigate customer specific materials. Application tests and tests of specific properties lead to an optimized proposal for your specific application.

Our Application Technology Team is supported by our experienced Analytical Laboratory.

Our Technical Equipment

Coating, UV curing
Tensile Strength Test
Taber Abraser
Differential Calorimetry

In our laboratory we are providing state of the art equipment to prepare coatings and investigate their properties.

Starting with the coating formulation in a dissolver the properties of the liquid coating fromulation can be characterized with a Rheometer (viscosity) and a Geltimer.

After application to the desired material surface in the desired layer thickness the coating can be dried in our air conditioned laboratory or in a drying chamber or with our UV cure system followed by the typical tests of the coating's properties.

Optical properties

  • transparency
  • gloss/haze
  • color

Mechanical properties

  • adhesion (crosscut adhesion test)
  • hardness (pendulum or shore hardness)
  • tensile and bending strength
  • elasticity (mandrell bend or drop ball test)
  • scratch / abrasion resistance (Taber Shear, Crockmeter, Taber Abraser) 
  • surface durability (weathering test, resistance to chemical attac etc.)

Thermographic Analysis

allows to investigate system properties such as melting point, glass transition temperature and decomposion temperature.