Our high-end products are used in a wide variety of applications.

Cosmetic & Cleaner
The trademark Thiocare® represents products for the Personal&Homecare sector. Thiocare products are widely used in perm formulations, hair straighteners and depilatories but also in rim cleaners or rust removers.

Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants
Thiocure® polythiols are widely used as (co)binders or hardeners in coatings, adehsives and sealants for the construction and electronics industry or in automotive and aerospace applications.

Chain Transfer in Polymerisations
Evabopol® products represent a broad spectrum of chain transfer agents (CTA) for radical polymerisations. Besides monofunctional watersoluble CTAs we also manufacture a variety of mono- polyfunctional water-insoluble CTAs for the use in different polymerisations.

Antioxidants & Stabilizers for Polymers
Evanstab® products represents a class of very efficient secondary antioxidants for many polymers and products that are used in the manufacturing of highly efficient SN/S-stabilizers for the processing of PVC.

Optical Films
Evabotec® polythiols are the monomers of choice, when it comes to manufacturing of optical films for improved color density and display quality in smartphones, tablets or TV screens.

Evabotec® polythiols offer a wie field of applications in 3D printing when  combined with conventional acrylic resins.

Optical Polymers
Due to their high sulfur content Mercavis® products are the perfect monomers when it comes to manufacturing of polymers with high refractive index for the use in ophthalmic lenses.

Leather, Oil&Gas, Rubber
products are used for dehairing of animal hides in the manufacturing of leather, as corrosion inhibitors in drilling muds, or as plasticizers and vulcanization accerlerators in the rubber industry.