Leather Chemicals

Leather Application

Thioglycolic Acid and its salts are ideal environmentally safe and low smelling chemicals to be used to dehair animal hides.

The reducing properties of the SH-group of the Thioglykolate reduces and thus opens the sulfur bridges in the ceratin in the hair structure as well as in the hair roots so that the hair can easily be removed mechanically avoiding large forces which could damage the leather surface.

Thioglycolic Acid itself can be used in leather chemicals' formulations in which it is ususally neutralised with a lye like caustic.

Thioglycolate is compared to other chemicals like Sodium Hydrogensulfide or Mercaptoethanol advantagenous as the leather shows lower swelling.

If due to workers safety reasons the use of corrosive acids and lyes is not desirable, Sodium Thioglykolate (NaTG 46) is the safe alternative.

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