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Evabotec® polythiols can be combined with a broad spectrum of comemrcially available (Meth)acrylate resin in the formulation of radiation curable 3D-printing resins. The addition of Evabotec® polythiols changes the curing mechanism from a chain growth process to a step-growth process that exibits a number of benefits. One major benefit is a shift of the gel point of the step-growth process to much higher double-bond-conversions than for the chain growth process, which leads to less volume shinkage and reduced shrinkage stress. In addition more homogenous networks are formed that are less brittle than pure (meth)acrylate networks. Another benfit is that the addition of Evabotec® polythiols can reduce oxygeninhibition which leads to faster curing speeds at lower radiation dosage.

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