Oilfield Chemicals


In the oil and gas exploration a variety of chemicals are used, eg. in drilling mud.

The reducing properties of the SH-group of Thioglycolic Acid or its salts like Sodium Thioglycolate or Ammonium Thioglycolate and that the Thioglycolate forms stable metal-complexes, especially with iron, are advantageous for the use in "down hole" applications.

On one hand corrosion is inhibited and on the other hand iron from the minerals released during the boring process is dissolved. In the wall of the well iron(II) minerals are not oxidized to iron(III) and so the desired cracks in the rock formation are kept open which is desired to release the oil or gas.

The same properties are usefull on production platforms or in production plants for oil and natural gas. Here formulations of Thioglycolic Acid dissolved in organic solvents  as well as formulations with Thioglycolic Acid Salts are used which are injected into the well head. They inhibit corrosion of the plants for gas/oil/water separation.

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