Polymer Industry

BRUNO BOCK and EVANS CHEMETICS offer a number of sulfur chemicals for various applications in the polymer industry.

THIOCURE® Polythiols

In patents and scientific literature more and more uses of Polythiols (Polymercaptanes) are to be found. Consequently we are recognising a growing interest in our products. The Polythiols we produce are mainly multifunctional esters of mercaptocarboxylic acids but we are also producing other multifunctional mercaptanes.

THIOCURE® Polythiols are used in Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants.

Under the trademark Mercavis® variations of these products are also used in the manufacturing of high refractive index polymers for high quality lenses and glasses (more under Optical Resins).

Chain Transfer Agents

The mercaptocarboxylic acids and their esters are used in radical polymerisations as Chain Transfer Agents (CTA) to adjust the molecular weight of polymers.

Bisphenol A Cocatalyst

3-Mercaptopropionic Acid is used as cocatalyst in the manufacture of Bisphenol A. With a suitable catalyst the efficiency of the process can be enhanced significantly. Bisphenol A is a main raw material in the manufacture of Polycarbonate and Epoxy Resins.


EVANSTAB® Thiodipropionates are esters of Thiodipropionic Acid and are used as secondary antioxidants in a number of polymers like polyolefins, ABS, Styrol-Butadien Emulsions, and certain adhesives.

Emulsion Stabilizer

2-Sulfoethyl Methacrylat, 2-SEM, CAS# 10595-80-9, stabilizes emulsion polymers as it acts as surface active ingredient and reacts as monomer thus enhancing adhesion to metal surfaces.

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