Chain Transfer Agents

Chain Transfer Agents,  CTA, are used in a variety of radical polymerisation processes.

Especially sulfur containing chemicals show very good radical transfer characteristics and have been used successfully since decades. BRUNO BOCK / EVANS CHEMETICS offer a variety of mono- or polyfunctional Thiols with various chain lengths based on Thioglycolic Acid and 3-Mercaptopropionic Acid.

Both mercaptocarboxylic acids are used as CTAs in water based polymerisation processes. A typical example is the polymerisation of Acrylic Acid or Acrylic Acid derivatives as well as of Polycarboxylates which are used in the building industry as superplasticizer for concrete.

The water insoluble esters of the mercatocarboxylic acids like 2-Etylhexyl Thioglycolate or Butyl 3-Mercaptopropionate are mainly used in solvent based or mass polymerisations as well as in emulsion polymerisation processes.

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