PVC Heatstabilizers

PVC in the Housing Sector
PVC Pipes

In the manufacture of PVC profiles, pipes, sheets or foils besides lubricants, other additives and pigments heat stabilizers are required. Otherwise in the extrusion or calandring process PVC would desintegrate due to the heat load during melting the PVC powder.

Sulfur/Tin Stabilizers are very efficient Heatstabilizers. They are produced from  Tin-alkys like methyl-, butyl- or octyl-tin-chlorides und esters of Thioglycolic Acid  or 3-Mercaptopropionic Acid.

2-Ethylhexyl Thioglycolate (-mercaptoacetate) (2-EHTG),
CAS# 7659-86-1, provides the best price/performance ratio. As alternative iso-Octyl Thioglycolate (-mercaptoacetate) (IOTG), CAS# 25103-09-7, can be used.

Also 2-Ethylhexyl 3-Mercaptopropionate (2-EHMP),
CAS# 50448-95-8, or iso-Octyl 3-Mercaptopropionate (IOMP), CAS# 30374-01-7, are used in these stabilizers.



PVC Applications

In North America typical PVC Applications of Sulfur/Tin Stabilizers are PVC-Pipes, sidings, shindles, PVC fences and furniture.

In Europe mainly flexible PVC like hoses and foils are manufactured with these stabilizers.

In Asia / Pacific all PVC applications are covered.

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