HAMPRONOL, Acid Chelate

CAS# 3148-72-9, EC# 221-575-6


HAMPRONOL, Acid Chelate, is an effective chelator for transition metals such as iron or calcium for industrial applications. The chelation activity is better than 2.5 millimoles per gram of material.

HAMPRONOL, Acid Chelate, is a trihydrate and packed as a fine white crytalline powder.

Production facilities

As leading producer of HAMPRONOL, Acid Chelate, EVANS CHEMETICS is providing state of the art quality from its production facility in Waterloo, New York, USA, and excellent customer service from its sales offices in Marschacht, Germany, and in Teaneck, New Jersey, USA.

HAMPRONOL, Acid Chelate

HAMPRONOL, Acid Chelate white cryst. powder


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    HAMPRONOL, Acid Chelate