Thiodipropionic Acid

CAS# 111-17-1, EC# 203-841-3


Thiodipropionic Acid (TDPA) is used as antioxidant in the Cosmetic Industry or as intermediate.

Thiodipropionic Acid Esters

Thiodipropionic Acid Esters like Dilauryl-, Ditridecyl-, Distearyl-, and Lauryl/Stearyl Thiodipropionate are used in a number of polymers as antioxidants.


In the presence of alcohols or amines, the carboxylic groups of the Thiodiglycolic Acid will react preferentially.

Production Facilities

As the leading producer of Thiodipropionic Acid and its esters, EVANS CHEMETICS is providing state of the art quality from its production facility in Waterloo, New York, USA, and excellent customer service from its sales offices in Marschacht, Germany, and in Teaneck, New Jersey, USA.

Thiodipropionic Acid

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Thiodipropionic Acid


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    Thiodipropionic Acid